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Resources . . .

SITAR is designing a series of booklets focusing on issues that are vital to advancing the gospel among Hindus.

Audio and Video Cassettes
SITAR will be releasing a series of training tapes and video cassettes following its annual Hindu Institute that will be held in Palmer Lake, Colorado during the month of November, 2002. Our goal is to audio and video record all of the sessions of our Hindu Institute so you, your church and or college or seminary will also have access to each of these key speakers and their related lectures on various aspects of the Hindu world and how to more effectively communicate the love of Jesus to our Hindu friends and neighbors.

Work has begun on SITAR's first CD-ROM entitled Understanding the Hindu World.  This CD-ROM will include extensive information on Hinduism, its various cultures, related worldviews and will include over 900 one page People PROfiles that will be Country, Language and People specific.  This will be an excellent tool and resource of information for missionary candidates, trainers of missionaries, Christain colleges, seminaries and churches interested in the Hindu world. 

This CD-ROM is being designed to help individuals and churches to . . .

  • MOTIVATE individuals and churches to PRAY for the more than 900+ Hindu People groups located in communities around the world
  • ORIENT individuals and churches to ADOPT each of these 900+ Hindu People groups via the Adop-A-People movement
  • EQUIP individuals and teams to GO and start reaching one or more of the 900+ Hindu People groups living around the world
  • SEND and SUSTAIN individuals and teams loving and working among one or more of the 900+ Hindu People groups around the world through STRATEGIC ALLIANCES and PARTNERSHIPS

Magazine Articles
In the near future SITAR will be researching and writing articles for various magazines and journals to help their readers better understand the Hindu world and its 900+ related people groups located around the world and how to more effectively evangelize and disciple Hindus.